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Balloon Popping Party - Explode Balloons For a Happy Birthday Blowout!

4.8 ( 1888 ratings )
游戏 퍼즐 娱乐 전략
开发 Inthingity AB

Cover your ears and let the BALLOON POPPING PARTY begin!

Enjoy popping the balloons in different colors and shapes! Burst them all while having fun.. fun.. fun!

But.. wait! Can you pop all the balloons? Can you get the highest score? Of course you can! BUT… DON’T RUN OUT OF TAPS!!

There is sometimes more than one way... but not always! ;)

Don’t worry if you are stuck, you can get a hint to help with the next balloon to POP!!

This is super fun and challenging!

Download now to enjoy the following great features of this game:

» Amazing and fun app which is great for all ages!
» Puzzling game with satisfying EXPLOSIONS!!
» So many levels to enjoy!!
» iOS8, iPad Air, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ready!!

Note: This app contains the ability to purchase optional content using real money. If you dont want this feature, disable payment features in your device in-app purchases settings.

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